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Q: I have not been correcting since the third grade of elementary school, and have not been corrected until the third year of high school. I want to ask whether the difficulty of correction , correction time , and money will increase over time?

Generally speaking, the most suitable age for correction is between ten and thirteen years old, but each patient’s level of development is different. The third year of high school may be a little later than the "so-called standard age", but in fact There are also many adults who are correcting. Generally speaking, children’s tooth movement speed and adaptability are higher than those of adults. Most orthodontists except for some special cases, such as fighting (third type of occlusion). I would like to start tracking when the deciduous teeth are about to be replaced, but when the replacement is not completed, when is the best time to start correction.

The difficulty of correction usually increases with age, because when a child still has room for development, we can use his (her) remaining development space to help correct and change the face shape. Generally speaking, as the age increases, the correction time will be longer. Adults’ teeth are more difficult to move. In most cases, if the treatment is longer, the cost of correction may be higher than that of ordinary people.

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There are many reasons for gum bleeding, such as periodontal disease, poor oral hygiene, and special diseases. However, the easiest way to prevent bleeding gums is to keep them clean. There are two most important ways to keep clean; that is, brushing and flossing. In addition, if patients have heart valve problems, they should inform their doctors before surgery. Generally speaking, it will not cause any impact, but if there is aggressive treatment, be sure to study with your doctor first.


The price of all-ceramic crowns

A: Zirconia inner crowns extend out of the market price segment according to the different ceramic blocks of foreign manufacturers. Because the purchase price of ceramic blocks and porcelain powder of foreign manufacturers is different, the relative cost is also different, so The market price is also inconsistent. The common commercial porcelain blocks are LAVA, Ceremill, Cercon. And the porcelain blocks are also used by machines of corresponding brands. These expensive equipment and technicians, coupled with the exquisite craftsmanship of the dentist, can Create customized and realistic dentures.


All-ceramic crown prices in Taipei

A: The price of all-ceramic crowns is due to the high purchase price of ceramic blocks in the laboratory, and the need for computer-aided design and production equipment (CAD-CAM), plus the professional production and adjustment of technicians and physicians, is about 20,000~45,000 yuan/piece. If economic conditions permit, all-ceramic crowns are currently the best choice!


Why are all-ceramic crowns so expensive?

A: This is also a frequently asked question by many people. In fact, most patients only ask what the "material" of dentures are, and the price of dentures is determined by the material. This concept is wrong!!! A good doctor, in addition to cost Time, technology, precise grinding of the abutment teeth, precise biting and filling of the mold, coupled with the skillful hands of the technicians, can create a better and accurate denture. And the development of a prosthetic dentist is in addition to knowledge Experiential technology takes a long, long time, and you can slowly learn from each mistake the relationship between medical care and disease and clinical experience not learned in the classroom.

Why choose all-ceramic crowns instead of traditional cermet crowns?

A: The disadvantage of traditional metal-ceramic dental crowns is that the edges of the gingival and dentures are prone to have a black color due to the relationship between the metal edges, especially in the anterior tooth area. Sometimes inferior metal alloy inner crowns can easily cause gingival inflammation and swelling, and clinical manifestations The gums are red and swollen, and the edges of the dentures are black.
All-ceramic crowns can improve traditional cermet dental crowns. Zirconia inner crown is a kind of "white metal" and a kind of metal alloy, but the white color can completely improve the shortcomings caused by early cermet crowns. In addition, zirconia has Excellent biocompatibility, will not cause inflammation to the gums, so it is recommended to choose an all-ceramic crown!

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