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All-ceramic crown

Toronto Dental Clinic

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全瓷冠 多倫多牙醫診所
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Aesthetics of all-ceramic crowns

At the Toronto Dental Clinic, what we provide to you is not a denture, but a piece of art. Emphasizing exquisite aesthetics, every all-ceramic crown is made and designed by the designer for you. In addition to comparable French blue porcelain, Liuli Workshop We provide the most perfect five-year warranty in Taipei City. Beautiful and natural, with a transparent texture. Metal-free all-ceramic dental crowns, because of their beautiful colors and high biocompatibility, the e-generation dental prosthesis plays an important role A team of high-quality physicians and designers is the key to making good dental crowns. We will never neglect every exquisite all-ceramic crown.

All-ceramic crown?

According to current aesthetic standards and all literature reports, all-ceramic crowns are recognized as the most natural and beautiful dentures. You may already know that there must be a layer of metal in the traditional denture, but because of the presence of this layer of metal, the so-called light transmittance will be greatly reduced. This also explains why early dentures were so difficult to make realistically.

The all-ceramic crown does not use metal in the whole production process, so it is your best choice aesthetically. However, the doctor you are working with must have a very sufficient aesthetic concept, and the laboratory (where you can make dentures) with the doctor must also have a very high artistic talent. Its technical aspect is definitely much higher than traditional denture manufacturing process.

To make a beautiful and durable all-ceramic crown requires long-term accumulation of experience, learning how to customize it in the process of continuous failure and success; each patient's occlusion and each patient's aesthetic needs are different. Your dentist must have experience and

At the Toronto Dental Clinic, in 2005, when the all-ceramic crown technology was first introduced to Taiwan, we began to continuously develop and improve the clinical use of all-ceramic crowns. It is not an exaggeration that we have accumulated enough to write a book.

The biggest feature of all-ceramic crown dentures is to simulate the light transmittance of natural teeth. If you can make full use of the doctor's imagination and creativity, all-ceramic crowns have almost no limits. All colors can be adjusted freely, which is the best choice for anterior teeth. If you have minor dentition or poor tooth shape, you can also use an all-ceramic crown to correct it.

All-ceramic crown material

All-ceramic crowns and dental implants are constantly updated in the dental industry. The most commonly used all-ceramic crown materials can be divided into two types:

Lithium disilicate (e-Max) is the latest and castable material. Its strength is similar to that of natural teeth, and its transparency is very close to that of natural teeth. Under the production of good doctors and denture designers, this is the most likely to achieve the most realistic results.

Zirconium dioxide, commonly known as ceramic metal , because its strength can be as high as 1200Mpa. It is two or three times the strength of natural teeth. His art school has won the traditional cermet dental crown. But it loses to e-Max. It is very suitable for use in cases that require both aesthetics and strength. For example, in the design of all-ceramic crown implants and all-ceramic crowns and bridges.

In fact, the all-ceramic crown is really a profound knowledge, how can I say it? If your teeth have not been nerved, you can directly consider e-Max, but if your teeth have been nerved, you will have one more choice. That is the pillar, the pillar is used to strengthen the strength of the tooth that has passed the nerve. It basically has two choices, metal or all-ceramic. If conditions permit all-ceramic pillars with all-ceramic crowns (e max), it can bring you the best appearance. But if the conditions are not allowed, another option is to add a metal pillar with a zirconia all-ceramic crown. It sounds complicated, but the things to consider are also complicated. So please study with your doctor which formula is best for you before you make an all-ceramic crown.

Because of training in Canada, we are still relatively conservative in treatment. In other words, although all-ceramic crowns are applied to posterior teeth, there is no problem. But generally we only recommend that patients do small molars. In fact, all-ceramic crowns do not necessarily need to be used for large molars. According to the famous Toronto dentist’s saying, "It is spent when it should be spent, but the money that should not be spent really does not need to be wasted."

When the Toronto Dental Clinic was making all-ceramic crowns, we were playing for real! Every work is going all out. Our goal is: every finished product is a grade that can be posted on the textbook.

Guess which one is denture?

Disadvantages of all-ceramic crowns?

In addition to the price of all-ceramic crown braces, the price is higher than traditional dentures. Many people may think that all-ceramic crowns are easier to crack, but based on our long-term observation, if the design is good, the chance of a good-quality all-ceramic crown is actually the same as that of traditional dentures. But the prerequisite is that the quality must be good, the occlusion must be adjusted correctly, and there must be no flaws in the production process.

But we still try to advise patients not to use your dentures to bite hard things such as crab shells, bones or ice. But the world is unpredictable. Whether it is all-ceramic crown braces or general metal-ceramic braces, since it is a porcelain tooth, porcelain cracks will occur. Warranty is the most important. So instead of asking how long an all-ceramic crown is, the most correct The idea should be to require a comprehensive warranty.

Five-year warranty

There are some clinics, because of the quality, as you can see from their official website, they can only provide a two-year warranty at most. But at the Toronto Dental Clinic we provide the most complete five-year comprehensive protection. Like all dental treatments, sometimes things are not as long as we imagined. Don't worry that this is what a good protection can provide you. In our clinic, when the all-ceramic crown braces are problematic, the only thing we will do is to see if it is within the warranty period. And will never shirk any responsibility.

The patient was going to work in Macau a week later, and suddenly he had a problem with his teeth after years of use. We are happy to be able to complete this beautiful work within one week.

All-ceramic crown

Price & price

Many factors will affect the price and cost of all-ceramic crowns. Zirconia inner crowns extend out of the market price segment according to the different ceramic blocks of foreign manufacturers. Because the purchase price of ceramic blocks and porcelain powder from foreign manufacturers is different, the relative cost is also different, so the market The prices are also inconsistent.

Commonly used porcelain blocks are LAVA, TDS & Cercon. The porcelain blocks are also used by corresponding brand machines. These expensive equipment, technicians, and the dentist's exquisite craftsmanship can create customized simulations. Porcelain block for all-ceramic crowns of dentures. At present, under our observation, LAVA is expensive and cannot achieve additional effects. Cercone is medium in price, but the quality is unstable. We will recommend that if there is a need, customers can consult with your doctor about


One of the shortcomings of all-ceramic crowns is indeed its price, because the purchase price of ceramic blocks with high purchase prices by the laboratory is indeed much higher than the traditional porcelain powder. In addition, the production process requires computer-aided design and production equipment (CAD-CAM). The work out of the lathe requires additional processing. This, of course, involves the designer's feel and other aesthetic concepts. It takes a lot of time to cultivate a good designer. The current number of laboratories in Taipei City is almost the same as that of dentistry. It's just that they are hidden in less obvious places, but we usually seldom notice their existence. Because the difference between the fees of good designers and the fees of ordinary technicians is very, very large. Similarly, the difference in quality is also very considerable.

Finally, of course, it is the doctor's technique. The production process of an all-ceramic crown is very complicated, and it involves a lot of related processes step by step. Every step needs to be error-free to make a perfect work in the end. When you are choosing a doctor, take a look at his work, take a look at his hands, take a look at his personality, whether a person will be negative Responsible and patient doctor.

Advantages of all-ceramic crowns:

1. Will not cause black gums

The reason why it is the mainstream of the dental market in the world is that after a long period of traditional cermet dentures, the edges of the black dentures are often seen. This problem will not have much aesthetic impact on the posterior teeth, but if The anterior teeth will cause aesthetic problems for the patient. All-ceramic crowns do not have this problem because they do not contain any metal.

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Sometimes, 10 days just passed, we didn't notice it at all. But sometimes 10 days can change your life!

2. Change the color and appearance of teeth

Add home whitening

Nowadays, the mainstream has changed from TRADITIONAL metal-ceramic dentures to all-ceramic crowns, but there are still many doctors who still make traditional metal crowns. Of course, they are limited by the training background of dentists.

At the Toronto dentist's clinic, dentures should not be dentures, they should be so real that they are indistinguishable!

3. Completely simulate your own teeth

This case is for experts . If we look closely at his original front teeth, there is actually a cross-shaped pattern on the surface. When designing dentures, even these small details must be taken into consideration. The final work will be perfect.

Although many dentures are now made by computers and lathes (CAD-CAM), the last and most important work must be done with the delicate hands of humans.

With the advancement of science and technology, the precision and accuracy of CAD-CAM for dentistry have been greatly improved. 3D images scanned and simulated through optical technology cannot completely replace manual work. The crowns ground by machines must still be targeted The actual clinical conditions should be fine-tuned in more detail.

What if the gums have turned black?

The quality of early dentures was uneven. Some metallic colors will penetrate into the gums, resembling a tattoo. This is a very troublesome problem. At the Toronto Dental Clinic, we have developed a series of laser methods to remove these metallic pigments as much as possible.

Why do most clinics do not estimate prices on the phone?

This is a problem that everyone often encounters, if you are honest. That's because the error is too big.

3D Tooth Sculpture & Patch

3D dental sculpture is a very popular way of filling teeth at your own expense in the past few years. It sounds very similar to an all-ceramic crown, but it is completely different in thinking. 3D tooth carving uses a whole piece of porcelain, which is directly glued to the teeth with adhesive after the lathe is repaired. The original idea was that because the 3D tooth sculpture is integrally formed, and the hardness will be higher than the traditional filling method, so theoretically it should be more durable than resin or silver powder.

For CAD/CAM equipment that is available for clinical use in the market, high-tech products can indeed increase the recognition of dental clinics and increase the unique competitiveness of their affiliated hospitals

All-ceramic crown | Toronto Dental Clinic | Taipei City

Would you choose to be a dentist in your next life?

This is one day, when I was teaching, I asked a young doctor. My answer is, "Yes." I usually don't use the word affirmation easily during medical consultations, because it is impossible.

Doctors who have not been praised by patients will never understand this feeling. It cannot be compensated by money! It is not a substitute for a name. Just like Xu Zhimo's poem; a gentle compliment, a light thank you. All the requirements and contributions to the case... are priceless.

To be able to see the patient, in order to want me to be treated, every time I have to fly from the mainland to Taiwan just for me and my hands. Thank you again.

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