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Chapter 3: 植牙好嗎?

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3 years is not lost:

Another advantage of a good implant is that the other two options are not comparable. Dental implants can effectively transmit subtle power to the bones of the face. Let the bones of the face feel moving. This action can prevent bone loss and keep our youthful face shape unchanged. Because of the loss of teeth, it is not worthwhile to cause early facial aging. Fortunately, this can be changed!

This function of preventing atrophy can only be provided by artificial dental implants. On the contrary, movable dentures will cause rapid bone absorption, because it is directly supported by the gums and causes abnormal force. Artificial tooth implant is a precision artificial tooth root that will integrate with the autogenous bone, which is very natural and young in appearance and occlusion.


2. Least stress :

If you hear this concept for the first time, you may think it is a very complicated physical principle, but it is not. The root of a human tooth is set to support a crown. When the stress range is exceeded for a long time, the teeth supporting the bridge will start to loosen, which means that when the bridge is used for a long time, the entire set of bridges including the underlying piers (abutment teeth) will look like teeth with periodontal disease. Shaking.






According to the regulations of the Canadian College of Dental Surgeons , when researching treatment plans for missing teeth with patients, be sure to inform and discuss the option of dental implants! The Canadian Association of Dental Surgeons believes that artificial dental implants should be the first choice among all denture options. Because of this emphasis, the Canadian School of Dentistry is the first country in the world to include dental implants in the general curriculum. In some Asian countries, doctors have to wait until graduation and self-study before they can get into the field of dental implants.

Why is it listed as the first choice in advanced countries? Because of the other two choices of dentures; dental implants use high technology to overcome the shortcomings and weaknesses of movable dentures and bridges. It is not like movable dentures while eating and moving, nor does it need to grind small innocent teeth like a bridge. Originally, only one of them had a problem. It is very likely that more dentures will be made in the future. It's like snowballing ! So let us analyze the advantages of dental implants more closely next:

1. not to hurt the most and adjacent teeth:

Just like the problem we mentioned when we studied the bridge in Chapter 2, because the small teeth must be ground before the bridge is made. In the future, this tooth's tolerance to external blows will be greatly reduced. If we say that the biggest advancement in the history of dentistry for hundreds of years must be artificial dental implants. We should feel very fortunate that we are living in such an advanced age, and there are only two or three missing teeth. As the number of missing teeth increases, removable dentures are the only option next, when there are few teeth left because the removable dentures are overstressed. The last thing is to wear a complete movable denture. This process has been completely changed due to the invention of artificial dental implants. Artificial dental implants are like the third set of human teeth." It allows your other innocent teeth... to remain unchanged.

Chapter 3:


Comparison of dental implants and bridges


Guess what this photo is?

Hint : The surface of a good artificial implant will hold the surrounding bones tightly so that they will not continue to shrink.

但就如我們在植體分析師跟您報告的,如果嚴重的話可能會導致與植體周圍的骨頭消失. 骨頭與植體必須要維持在整合的狀態之下,一旦這個關係不存在,植牙的失敗的風險就開始變高。這也是為什麼人工植牙的品牌非常重要,最能夠達到骨整合的人工植牙品牌是ITI (STRUAMANN) & NOBEL

This is a very interesting photo. What you see resembling tree roots is actually bone cells, and the surface it clings to is the implant. This process is academically called osseointegration, which is the picture when the implant and the bone are integrated. Similar to your original teeth. This photo also tells us how important the surface treatment of implants is. The most important part of the success of dental implants is to choose the best surface treatment, bones only like and grow on good surface treatment.

Removable denture

One missing tooth

Dental bridge

Complete removable denture

紅色箭頭,人工植牙品牌, 植牙費用尤其在媒體不斷的負面宣傳之下,所有的醫生都變成小惡魔了,或甚至大惡魔.我不能說媒體的報告有關人工植牙的價格都是錯的,因為的確的醫生在外面等著你.我們內行人大概知道是哪幾家,但我真的不方便講.人工植牙系統. 人工植牙品牌的不一樣,可能連很多剛畢業的醫生真的也不懂.我也是花了好多年好多的學費好多的投資在不一樣的系統上,才真的了解人工植牙品牌真的有差.我真的沒有那個勇氣來用不好的人工植牙,因為真的失敗太丟臉了.我連骨粉都一定要用最好的,其實只要成功我真的不在乎錢.

Snowball effect!

紅色箭頭2, 紅色的箭頭,代表了植牙的過程必須要非常的精準,可信度要非常的高,氣數要非常得好,技術也要非常得好。這就是加拿大多倫多牙醫診所植牙權威黃異臼醫學,大家最推薦的醫生可以做到的.




How to choose a toothbrush


1. Whether it is an adult or your child, choosing the right brush head size will increase the effect of brushing. If the brush head is too large, there will be too many corners that cannot be cleaned, but if the brush head is too small, the cleaning time will far exceed the range that most people can accept.

2. It is correct to choose a soft brush. Although a hard toothbrush is not easy to break, it may damage your enamel more easily. If possible, replace your toothbrush every three months. The soft bristled toothbrush does wear out faster.

3. For example, when children choose a toothbrush, they will definitely choose the toothbrush that they find the most attractive to them, and adults should do the same. Choose the appearance and design that will attract you the most and encourage you to brush your teeth .

4. As for the cleaning function of an electric toothbrush or a general toothbrush, it is actually the same. Both can achieve very good cleaning results. The two choices are based on everyone's personal preferences. If you can treat your teeth as the most precious artwork when you are brushing your teeth, and try to clean every detail as much as possible, your teeth will be very healthy.

Are dental implants good?


Advantages of dental implants

Chapter 4:

Implant time

chapter 4: 人工植牙過程?

The video is of a patient who is very afraid of seeing his teeth . Let us listen to his personal experience at the Toronto dental clinic!

Is the dental implant treatment long?

植牙過程到底要多久?植牙ㄍㄨ植牙為什麼會失敗?我們俗稱為植牙失敗或植體失敗。讓我們請黃異臼醫生大家最推薦的醫生來親自為您報告植牙價格,植牙時間.植體材質的不一樣.植體表面處理會因為植體種類而改變.植體價格跟植體周圍炎有絕對的關係。讓我們來研究植體分析,台北植牙費用,植牙系統. 多倫多牙醫診所植牙過程門牙與職涯過程後ㄧ植牙過程門牙與植牙過程臼齒的不一樣!

Dental implant is a combination of two simple words. But in fact, there are a wide range of subjects to learn during the dental implant process. The above picture is what I will use when speaking. If all these topics take eight days (Dr. Huang’s Implant Training Course, eight hours a day, eight weeks to complete). But let’s go back to today’s topic. Generally speaking, the duration of dental implant treatment can be classified into three types:

Implant treatment time

      1. Extract the teeth on the same day, implant the teeth on the same day, and make the dentures on the same day : This is the fastest of all implant procedures, but it is also the method with the highest risk and the highest failure rate. If you remember the concept of osseointegration we mentioned before, the last thing you don’t want to do is shake it when the dental implant is just being implanted. The surrounding bones are like cement. Never touch it. Once the osseointegration fails, the implant has no future. No one likes missing teeth for too long, but you still have to wait. Bone is a structure that grows very slowly. It takes time! Unless a lot of artificial implants can be implanted at a time, very strong and very long. However, this condition is rarely seen in the oral structure of Orientals.


This procedure has another name, immediate implant and early loading. If the implant must be loaded early (early stress), many factors need special consideration. In terms of the condition of the patient, it is necessary to have good bone quality and bone mass. This approach is most suitable for patients with full mouth without teeth. It is best to adopt a cross-arch design and have enough implants (at least 4 implants in the lower jaw). Body, at least 6 implants in the upper jaw). It is best to use complete dentures for clenching teeth, which may help reduce the stress on artificial implants.


Dental implant

Tooth extraction


That day

That day


"Before the cement is dry,

Never touch it"

vibraject, 無痛植牙,舒眠植牙,植牙的過程會痛嗎?

"this is a special viberator that is attached to the injector, it is made in England and a bit expensive device. it is hard to get in Taiwan, it sents out viberating force and distracts patient. Even for the most painful injection, most pt will not feel much at all."

Dental injection pain reliever is a product made by the original British factory . It is very rare in Taiwan. It emits a slight vibration to divert your attention during injection. It can effectively make even the most painful patients not mind. Put on anesthetics. He even actively asked if I can use a little anesthetic today!

Will dental implants hurt?

    1 Before any dental treatment, most of the time the first level must be anesthetics. Anesthetics are used to make patients more comfortable during the treatment process, but unfortunately this is also the first step most patients fear the most. At the Toronto Dental Clinic, we are not taking anesthetics. We put the anesthetics gently.
Where an anesthetic is needed, we will first apply a strawberry-flavored or other fruit-flavored topical anesthetic, which will make you hardly feel the moment of the injection. After years of accumulated experience, we have carefully studied each oral position, and for each different area, we have developed how to adjust the angle and strength to make you most comfortable. We are willing to spend the most time to help you get anesthetics and let you change your view of injections. At the Toronto Dental Clinic, we also have a special tool, which we call the Pain Terminator .

The question most frequently asked by patients is whether the implantation is painful? If we analyze this problem carefully, it can actually be divided into three parts:

1. Anesthetics
2. Dental implant process
3. The feeling after the implant surgery

2. Dental implant process

植牙過程 2. implant process

3. Feeling after implantation

Unless your implant surgery scope is quite large, otherwise there will be no tooth extraction pain . Yes, most patients will find the wound after tooth extraction more uncomfortable. Especially if you are implanting a good implant; a good artificial implant will not only increase the success rate in the future, but also because the infection rate of the good artificial implant surface treatment is very low, and the postoperative discomfort will be a lot Reduce, even without taking painkillers at all. The average patient can return to work normally the next day.

What should I pay attention to if I have implanted my teeth elsewhere but forgot to ask the post-operative instructions?
Whether it's a big treatment or a small treatment at the Toronto dental clinic. After the treatment is completed, our nurse lady will definitely give an oral report and a written report about the matters that should be paid attention to after returning home. If you are uncomfortable after wisdom tooth extraction, you can refer to the following items if you need help.

黃異臼醫生, 二位最被網友推薦的植牙醫生。在這場演講中,植牙費用,植牙風險, 植牙過程都會詳細的跟台下的醫生報告

During the extension, he did not hesitate to share a lot of valuable medical experience and enthusiasm. During the talk, he mentioned that he was invited to 30 or 40 countries around the world. He most liked the hospitality and courtesy of his trip to Taiwan. This makes me deeply honored! I also admire the master's modesty. To make this trip entertaining, I will definitely work harder every day and hope that I can become an Asian "Manos De Seda"

      2. Tooth extraction on the same day, dental implant on the same day (implant tooth immediately after extraction) This approach sounds a bit like the first method, but there is a very important difference. Bad tooth roots will be removed, and new implants will be implanted, but dentures will not be attached to them. This is a very big difference, because there are no dentures on it, so when we are eating or talking, we will not collide with the immature artificial implant. If this practice is performed by experienced doctors, its success rate is also quite high.

In recent years, immediate dental implantation after tooth extraction is a mature technology. Patients can implant the implant at the same time as the tooth is extracted. There is no need for a second operation, which can reduce the shrinkage of the gum due to tooth extraction, and can also reduce the entire time of missing teeth. Significantly shortened.

The implantation process has also greatly reduced the entire treatment time due to the advancement of dental implant material science and dental medical technology. Generally, this method can withstand the bite force in four months. But we must remember that this method is most suitable for anterior teeth or In the case of a single root, the posterior teeth are not entirely suitable for this practice.


Tooth extraction

Dental implant


That day

Wait four months

Implant process molars

        3. Tooth extraction + bone powder, wait four months, implant the tooth, wait another four months , install the denture. This is the longest implant procedure among all methods, but it is also the most traditional method. His logic is very simple. First remove the bad roots and clean up all the damage around. Put artificial bone meal to fill up the defect firmly, and then wait for four months. During this waiting time, the wounds and inflamed areas from the previous tooth extraction will return to healthy standards. At that time, it was confirmed that the implant was surrounded by healthy and solid bones. There will be a waiting period of four months after the implantation, because the osseointegration of the implant takes four months as we said before. The success rate of this approach is very, very high, especially when you use good implants, such as ITI or Nobel Active. In our clinic, the success rate can reach 98% even after several years of observation.


Tooth extraction

Dental implant


Wait four months

Wait four months

Best for posterior teeth!

posterior teeth 植牙過程

If the doctor’s hands are light enough, if the doctor’s hands are gentle and considerate. Most surgical procedures are quite acceptable. During the operation, if you feel uncomfortable, you can try to communicate with your doctor. A good doctor will work hard to make the whole process as humane as possible.

When Dr. SCLAR, an internationally renowned dental implant master, came to Asia to give a speech, I was honored to accompany and translate as the place of the trip.

Dr. Sklar is recognized by the dentist community as a very important and one of the world's leading dental surgeons and dental implant master doctors. Throughout his career, Dr. Sklar has specialized in the fields of reconstructive and aesthetic dental implant surgery, periodontal plastic surgery and orthodontic and cosmetic chin, chin and cheekbone procedures. His rich experience has led him to successfully become dental implants. Pioneer of world leaders. Since 1989, he has practiced in Miami, Florida. His patients are from South Florida and the continental United States, South and Central America and the Caribbean. His rich experience has benefited more than 15,000 patients. These valuable medical experiences of Dr. Sklar earned him the nickname "Manos De Seda" ( "Hands of Silk" ) as a metaphor for his unparalleled surgical skills, as well as his love and care for patients, empathy The attitude of the doctor.

wound care 植牙過程
Toronto Dental Clinic


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How to take care of
Mouth wound!
該怎麼樣照顧 植牙的傷口!

1. Try to hold back the desire to eat, until the anesthetic is gone. When the mouth is still numb, it is easy to bite one's tongue and cheek. Once the numbness is really gone, the place will be very uncomfortable.

2. If there is swelling, apply an ice pack to the outside of the cheek of the injured area within 48 hours after the operation (apply for 10 minutes and rest for 20 minutes). You can ask the doctor for some gloves for consultation, put three or four ice cubes in it and add a little water, so you can make a very comfortable ice pack by yourself. This method will be better than a plastic bag. Much more comfortable

3. A mistake we often hear is; the patient keeps changing the gauze. In fact, in terms of hemostatic effects, the first piece of gauze is the best. It absorbs the most hemostatic elements, so when the first piece of gauze is wet, you can squeeze it dry and reuse this piece of gauze. In addition, if possible, don't move the wound all the time. When the wound finally forms a blood clot, you are most afraid of being displaced.

4. Try not to talk, any speech movements are likely to pull the wound. You can watch a movie or a book to distract. Try not to open your cheeks to check the wound yourself. The wound in the mouth will heal by itself, but constant pulling will make it heal more slowly!

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