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Toronto Dental Clinic


Provide you with the most comfortable consulting space,

Give you the most professional consultation

The Toronto dentist team provides you with a variety of selective treatment plans, crossing the traditional and the most advanced treatment methods, getting rid of the old stereotypes of patients with dental care in the past, and tailoring the most suitable treatment plan for your needs, giving you a brand new New medical experience.

45 Yanji Street, Taipei City

Tel: (02) 2570-3456

Fax: (02) 2570-1235

2:00- 10:00 PM

The Toronto Dental Clinic has new and advanced medical equipment for dental implants, complete medical services and quality, years of rich experience in diagnosis and treatment, and a lineup of physicians with various expertise. All medical staff uphold the care and patience, so that you have the most comfortable quality of medical treatment. Professional and comfortable medical environment, located in the East District of Taipei City, Toronto is an advanced and exquisite high-quality e-dentist clinic. Not only provide professional dental treatment, but also prepare a comfortable and stress-free personal consultation space.


Just call us and leave the rest to us!

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