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Patients often say: "Toronto should be the current authority on dental implants. I often see you on TV and interviews." It is my dream to be the authority on implants, but I am not good enough. Compared with world-class doctors, I need to work harder. Constantly read the latest literature and continuously collect the latest technology. When other doctors are already resting, I sit behind my desk and constantly review and reflect on today's surgery. Is there anything I can do better. Let the success rate increase again and make the patient more comfortable. mutual encouragement

Current Evidence Based Data Regarding Flap Design and Suturing 這篇文章是用來教育其他醫生在植牙時如何的將牙齦打開及縫合的最新技術
Taiwanese dental profession
Volume 336 Issue 3, 2014
The latest literature report on flap and suture

Current Evidence Based Data Regarding Flap Design and Suturing

This article is used to educate other doctors on the latest techniques of opening and suturing the gums during dental implants. The articles inside include the latest literature and cases implemented by the Toronto dental clinic. Sharing our work with other clinics and doctors is our honor and affirmation

The future of dental science
Development in Taiwan

The past and future goals for Taiwan Dentist

Dental education is a major foundation related to national health. For example, the seven major dental schools have trained quite a lot of top dentists and related basic research talents in China. Therefore, dental medical education should be reformed from a more macro perspective to eradicate the stereotype that dentists can only look at teeth, and then plan dental medicine-based courses to make Taiwan's dental medical education a revolutionary leap forward. .


North Taiwan Dental Implant Society 6th. 7th

Implant Physician Handbook 2013

Evidence-based Learning and Practice

In the career of a dentist, as more cases are treated, we have accumulated more and more problems related to dental treatment. I believe that everyone has a common problem, that is, how to find the best solution? Maybe many dentists will ask friends, go to seminars or read online, but has the information obtained has been scientifically verified?


North Taiwan Dentist

Society of Implant Medicine
Tissue regeneration

Guided Bone Regeneration:

Tissue regeneration is a problem that many doctors often encounter in clinical surgery. This article will use clinical cases and the latest literature to teach you how to improve your dental implant skills. Tissue regeneration is an important link that the implant dentist must fully understand. We will teach you the choice of artificial bone meal and the application of artificial periosteal.

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