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Dental implant



Toronto dentist,

The first choice for dental implants

Our teacher is one of the inventors of dental implants--Dr. Zarb (u of toronto honor professor). Therefore, the Toronto Dental Clinic insists on adopting international standard dental implant procedures. From designing dental implant treatment plans, we select a diversified international The brand of implants and even the services after the treatment are complete are unprecedented in Taiwan’s history.

For patients without dental implant experience, dental implants may sound a bit scary. In fact, as long as it is under suitable environmental conditions, the course of dental implant treatment is not more complicated than other dental treatments.

The team of doctors in this clinic is highly skilled, streamlined the implant process and shortened the treatment time. The hospital has introduced a full-port X-ray scanning instrument with a comprehensive digital design, allowing the doctor to immediately assess the condition of the jawbone and the overall environment in the mouth without waiting for the test results.

The hospital has a professional medical team and provides free consultation services. Professional physicians with many years of dental implant experience will evaluate and plan the overall treatment course for you in detail, and evaluate the implant conditions, schedule and cost according to the needs of the patient. Professional consultants will give one-to-one detailed explanations, and professional medical staff will perform operations with standard procedures and considerate post-diagnosis care, allowing you to treat with peace of mind throughout the entire treatment process.

The artificial bone meal and artificial implants used in this hospital have been approved by the Department of Health of the Executive Yuan. High-quality professional care is provided to eliminate unidentified and cheap medical equipment, protect the rights and interests of patients, and take into account the safety of patients. All can be treated with peace of mind. The two largest and most famous brands in the world, ITI and Nobel, are the only ones we use.


Minimally invasive dental implants

When conditions permit, minimally invasive dental implants are the first choice of Toronto dentists; the wound is small, the operation time is short, almost no sutures are needed, and the degree of swelling and pain is relatively reduced. For X traditional dental implants, minimally invasive dental implants are more technical and require more clinical experience. This is what the lecturer-level doctor Huang can provide. The hospital is equipped with the most advanced painless medical equipment, which hardly affects daily life after surgery life.

Sleeping dental implant

    Dr. Huang, who has a degree in psychology, can fully understand the fear and resistance of patients when visiting a dentist. Dental implants and careful hands through hypnotherapy technology can be said to be a great gospel for children or adults to get rid of their fear of seeing teeth. . The patient can complete dental surgery safely and comfortably in light sleep. And most patients can wake up quickly and comfortably within 5 minutes after the completion of the operation, whether it is an adult or a child, thereafter no longer need to endure the pressure and fear of dental surgery, making the treatment process like a sweet Dream-like relaxed and comfortable.

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