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Dental implants, orthodontics and periodontal disease

Toronto Dental Clinic is a professional dental expert, with innovative and advanced medical equipment , complete medical services and quality, many years of rich experience in diagnosis and treatment, and a lineup of doctors with various expertise to provide patients with more comprehensive and complete services. The attending physicians, assistants and other team members have not only their own very complete academic experience, but also continue to go abroad for further studies and absorb new medical technologies and concepts from advanced countries. More attention is paid to the update of clinic equipment, the improvement of medical quality and the requirements of disinfection and hygiene.

If you need any dental implant, orthodontic and periodontal assistance, you are welcome to contact us, thank you!

植牙專用  CBCT op300.jpg
植牙專用  CBCT 2 op300.jpg
During dental implant surgery, a comprehensive understanding of the patient’s condition is the key to the success of dental implants. In the past, doctors could only use panoramic (curved full-port scan) for examination before dental implant surgery . Although it is a very effective diagnostic tool; it cannot provide 3D images of the surgical hand and perfect preoperative design.
植牙曲面全口掃描 Dental Panoramic X Ray
panoramic (surface scanning)

3D tomography technology can clearly display and check the location of important structures, and can accurately locate important structures such as neural tubes, maxillary sinus floors, and even use these data to measure bone density on special software to select appropriate artificial implants , Implant it in the best position to avoid damage to important structures such as nerves and blood vessels and reduce the occurrence of complications.

Many dental implant clinics have the capability of full-port scanning of curved surfaces, but there are not many clinics with 3D scanning, with top-notch 3D scanning equipment; even more so.

Among many products, we chose OP300 Maxio from Finnish Instrumentarium Dental. In the past 50 years, this Finnish company has worked closely with many universities and research centers to develop a high-imaging system that far exceeded our expectations.

I hope that the creator of this tomography scan can make our work perfect; its high-quality image quality, full-port multi-layer images, accurate diagnosis, and ultra-low dose are the dream equipment of Toronto dental clinics. If you have the same requirements and enthusiasm for your dental implants as ours. This machine should be the most suitable for you!

PS: If your current or future dental implant clinic does not provide tomography services, we are very happy to provide this service. We will not charge you for tomography, but only the basic registration fee.

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PS :如果您目前或未來的植牙診所,並沒有提供斷層掃描的服務,我們非常樂意提供此項服務,不會跟您收取斷層掃描費用,只跟您收取基本的掛號費。

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