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Dental implant costs

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Chapter 5: 植牙品牌?

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Dental implant system

& Implant costs

Chapter 5 :

Artificial dental implant system?


When you read this article, you should be a dental implant expert! Let us further analyze the market and products! In fact, in the world, there should be more than 200 to 300 brands of implants, which are represented by Taiwan There should also be 100 kinds, so the question most frequently answered by dental implant consultants is which implant brand is the best? American, German, Nordic, Italian, Spanish, Taiwanese, and even mainland China, you can think of Both!

In fact, there is another name for dental implants, which is " artificial tooth root ", which means that when your own tooth root cannot be used, you can change to a new "tooth root". Use artificial implants to replace tooth roots that you can no longer use.

On the left is the root of the tooth, and on the right is the implant; the two look very similar.





Northern Europe




"There implant and decided to use that brand of explants, are a very easy decision for everybody! I hope this article can lead you in the right way."


Artificial tooth root or implant is the root of a tree. The bones are the surrounding soil. A good implant requires good bones. The quality of the bones cannot be changed, but the surface treatment of the implant can be changed. Just like the root of a tree is in the soil As with growth, the first contact with the bone is the surface treatment of the implant. So when you inquire, focus on the surface treatment first.

        The surface treatment has everything from RBT, HA, HF to SLA (different chemical and physical treatment methods). The surface treatment will determine the success rate of 70% of the implant, and the other 30% is from the design of the implant. (But the design of dental implants is the easiest to counterfeit. Made in Taiwan, China, or Korea, they can easily look like implants made in Switzerland or Sweden.)

人工植牙的英文 DENTAL IMPLANT, 就如同樹的畫面一樣,人工植牙市場分析,告訴了我們好的人工植牙相對的他的人工植牙價格,人工植牙費用或人工植牙價錢是最高的.目前有非常多不一樣的人工植牙系統供您選擇。在接下來的文章之內我會提供一些數據讓您參考.

Artificial tooth implant or artificial tooth root is like a tree, the most important part is that it is at the root. Because of the strong roots, the upper structure can survive all the wind and rain.

From the perspective of a consultant, it is very simple to choose an implant with a permanent history and a high success rate. It sounds simple, but what about the details? The success and failure of dental implants can be honestly seen from X-rays.

As long as the bone around the implant is not lowered, the implant will not fail. But how to prevent the bone from shrinking is the most difficult part. So a simple conclusion; as long as the bone around the implant is not lowered, it can be used for a lifetime.. ........This is not just what you want to see, but also a long-term picture that doctors want to see.

But like everything around you, just like everything is impossible for a lifetime. All things have their deadlines. The biggest difference is that some things can be used for a long time, but some are not durable.

When you do enough research on the Internet, you will definitely see the word "SLA". When you search for "SLA ITI" , there will be 36,1000 results. "SLA" is the abbreviation of sandblasting and acid melting. It was developed by the Swiss Straumann team & ITI. Later, the two company teams were combined, and we are collectively called Straumann. Its surface treatment method cannot be replicated. SLA's osseointegration is the most famous in the world. Time is what every implant brand wants to simulate! The success rate of the combination of bone and implant is not a secret, but the actual practice is not disclosed by the Swiss. When you are not sure which implant surface is better, you can consider choosing ITI or similar surface deal with.


Usually the younger the brand

The lower the price of dental implants, but the risks?

The next thing to pay attention to is how long the history of this implant company is. For most of the manufacturers, the longer the history, the long-term collection of many clinical tracking reports, which can provide manufacturers with continuous improvement of their products and launch of new implants Design, impose rapid osseointegration, etc. When the company can't even get a 5-year follow-up report, how do you know what will happen after 10 years of implantation and the sequelae? Therefore, using younger brands does have its risks, but relatively speaking, the older the brand, the higher the price.


Straumann (ITI, Straumann), Nobel Active. The advantages of the two cards are too much.... Disadvantages... almost none, except that it is more expensive

intra lock logo.png
American Intra-Lock
可以讓人工植牙的失敗率大量的減低.ITI (STRUAMAN)最有名的地方是在於它的植體表面處理,在眾多的植體種類中它是最優秀的,雖然相對的它的植體價格也比較高,但是它是最可信賴的植體品牌,不論是植體材質,植體表面處理。

90% of patients don't know what brand they are using!!

ranking logo.png

This is an international website for 2019. You can click on this link to check whether the artificial implant you are using is in it.

Straumann is currently ranked first and Nobel is ranked second. But unfortunately I think a very good brand is not included in it; Intra-Lock in the United States .

Why don’t I dare to change the brand? Of course I can change...In fact, only 10% of people know the importance of the brand. But I can’t do it because I don’t want my failure because the brand I choose for the patient is Not good enough.

If this case is so simple and simple, it may be successful with any brand. But I don’t want to use my reputation and reputation as an experiment.

Market analysis of artificial dental implants

從人工植牙英文的翻譯,我們可以看到人工植牙市場分析.人工植牙價格,人工植牙價錢是人工植牙缺點。在所謂的人工植牙101 當中,我們會提到人工植牙費用保險,舒眠牙醫.

At present, there are the most long-term clinical research endorsements, mainly by Nobel Biocare and Straumann (ITI), the world's top two dental implant manufacturers. In addition, there is another advantage of Astra (Densply) using large companies... ...Parts. A certain aspect of dental implants is very similar to that of automobiles. Sometimes when dental implant parts need to be replaced, corresponding tools are needed. If you use a relatively unpopular implant system, you cannot find the original clinic to solve it or stop production. That's a big embarrassment, so when you choose implants, you should pay attention to how long this company has been out. Generally speaking, because Nordic companies have a longer history, more investment, and more stable products, the price is more expensive. Currently the cheapest implant is made in Taiwan, but its long-term tracking is indeed a problem.

intra lock 1.jpeg

The following words are what Dr. Huang must report to you!

In fact, you are not the only people who have bad teeth. After you have done traditional dentures today, there may be people or clinics who are willing to do postoperative services for you, but there is no one who can do postoperative services for dental implants, except to help you with dental implants. Physician.


Believe that the clinic’s 15 years of experience, dental implants rely on the brand and the doctor’s skills and reputation. The most important thing is to let you enjoy the best "quality and post-operative services".


1. There must be some cheaper and more expensive dental implants on the market, but the things we use are absolutely high-quality,'will not lose to any clinic or hospital.


2. The things used in the clinic must be certified by the National Health Bureau, which is very important. It is not easy for any product to be certified by the Department of Health, and the verification process is also very expensive and time-consuming. However, it really protects your health.


3. The things used in clinics must be the best in the same series. There are more than 300 implant companies in Taiwan. The clinics only use the first and second brands in the industry, and will not use mainland products and South Korea. Goods, just like Switzerland, except for Rolex, its high technology and surface treatment are the only things we believe in.


4. The bone meal used in the clinic and the periosteum used to accelerate bone growth must be of the highest quality and top quality, and supported by literature. Since the opening of the clinic, it is not the best and will not be used. These are all costs.


5. The decoration of the clinic is simple and simple, maintains a clean and comfortable space, emphasizes attentive service, and introduces the most innovative high-tech equipment, so that you can find your second spring in a safe medical environment.


6. All medical procedures must be in accordance with teaching textbooks and years of clinical experience, and will never be opportunistic.


7. The clinic will definitely be responsible for our works, not only verbal guarantees, but also a five-year written warranty. Clear details, and the instalment system of how much fees are charged at what stage of the treatment, will not collect the full amount at once and follow up Careless treatment will never add any additional costs in the process, just want to give you the best postoperative service.


8. You have to trust the doctor who is just learning dental implants, or the dean who has many years of experience in dental implant technology and has been invited to give lectures many times a year. I believe this choice should not be difficult!


9. Thank you for giving the opportunity to listen to our explanation. Finally, I want to let you understand that the health of your teeth is more important to us than anyone else.

I just recieved the best present today, I got a compliment from a patient. after extracting her tooth, In the middle of extraction, she said she want to tell me a story. After the extraction, she told me the story about how she cried in the chair at the previous clinic.

After the story, she cried and I cried. she told me she will be my patient forever. I feel a lot of pressure, the case is only half way done. i will keep it up. Sometimes, i feel tired after surgery, but it is days like today, that i am proud to be a doctor.

Chapter 6:
不論今天花的錢是歐元,美金 OR台幣.當人工植牙價格越高學,植牙失敗原因會變少.如果您真的很怕痛,舒眠牙醫是您可以嘗試的。他又可以克服另外一個人工植牙缺點。

"The cost of dental implants can range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. There are many factors that determine the fees of each clinic. You may have heard of some factors, but there are some more details. Let's discuss and research together ..."

Dental implant cost ?

Chapter 6:植牙價錢 ?

Implant price ?

1. Implant costs & prices depend on the location of the implant

Generally speaking, the charges for the anterior teeth area and the posterior teeth area are different. Because of the aesthetic issues involved in the anterior teeth area, the time and parts required are more complicated than those for the posterior teeth, and the relative charges will be higher. When performing aesthetic surgery, the doctor's experience value must be higher, because the anterior tooth area usually only has one chance to perform the surgery, and the aesthetics of the second surgery is usually greatly compromised.

The anterior area of the upper jaw (incisors, lateral incisors and tiger teeth) is the most complicated of all the surgical areas. The density of bones here is not high. In order to achieve postoperative success, the quality and technology of implant surface treatment is very important. Surface treatment will affect the height of the bone around the implant in the future. Once the bone shrinks in the future, the surrounding gums will also shrink, and there will be aesthetic defects. There are many implants in the world that can be applied to the anterior tooth area, but It is actually not much that can be used in the oral cavity of Orientals. Due to the inherent conditions, the bones of Orientals are not as good as Westerners in terms of quantity or quality. In the existing literature reports, it is pointed out that the leading brand of Nobel Active is the thinner and denser bone that is most suitable for Orientals in the anterior tooth area.


Between the artificial tooth root (artificial implant) and the upper crown, there is a very important part we call the abutment. The anterior tooth area cannot be used like the posterior tooth area with the general abutment (in height And there are not many choices in angle), the abutment of the anterior area must be customized, which means that because the angle of the anterior teeth is different for everyone, each abutment needs to be tailored to have Ways to reach the right angle. Customized parts will be more expensive than normal abutments. If the patient wants to achieve the best appearance of the teeth, they can consider choosing all-ceramic crowns instead of traditional dental crowns. All-ceramic crowns are most likely to achieve the perfect results you want in the anterior tooth area.           


Everyone will feel helpless when making a choice for dental implants in the aesthetic area. With so many implant options on the market and so many dentists during visits, how should they make the decision? If you are not sure how to choose. It is recommended to discuss with your dentist. You can consider Nobel Active as an artificial root in the anterior tooth area. A customized abutment to achieve the best angle you want, and finally an all-ceramic crown. To achieve the most ideal and exquisite works. When you are not sure which brand to choose is the best choice, it is recommended that you use a brand with high credibility, although the price is relatively higher than other brands. But the quality will be more guaranteed. Hope the above introduction can help you Making decisions becomes easier.

PS In life, price and quality are always contradictory!

3. Prices & fees depend on

Control of disinfection quality!

Another important point that everyone cares about but is often overlooked is the disinfection quality of the equipment. Generally, most of what we see is the decoration of the clinic, but what we don't see is the control of disinfection and hygiene behind it.

Another thing that we may not know is that the disinfection process is very manpower-intensive. If the international standard is to be met, the average daily workload in a general clinic is ten hours. But in general clinics, these exceed the workload of staff and nurses. So in our clinic, we have specially hired a disinfection staff, she does not follow the doctor, she does not register, her only job is to clean and disinfect your equipment!

Clinics with high disinfection quality control may charge higher than other clinics for another reason; like all sophisticated tools, they are very afraid of high temperature and pressure. However, if you want to achieve the effect of sterilization, high temperature, high pressure and time are necessary. In other words, the tool consumption rate of high-quality clinics is much higher than that of ordinary clinics.

If you can give you a small suggestion here, you should not spend on luxurious decoration, but spend on complete disinfection to ensure your health is absolutely worth it.

Canada is a country with the highest requirements for disinfection and hygiene in the world. In a certain way, Taiwan can follow him. Relevant health departments in Canada will periodically check clinics. In the three long hours, they will strictly and carefully check every corner. To confirm that the clinic has disinfection capabilities to protect their residents. In the picture is a link to an article about the disinfection and hygiene of dentistry in Canada (in fact, it is a bit like a book).


Video: What is dental implant?


2. Dental implant price or implant cost

Depends on the equipment of the medical institution

The importance of equipment and tools in medical institutions to treatment is undeniable. If a good doctor has good equipment, he can make the most accurate diagnosis and the most precise and excellent treatment. Dental equipment can range from the most basic surgical tools to high-end equipment, such as ultrasonic bone knives, dental implants imported from Japan, and special surgical tools for upper jaw fenestration.

A good clinic will continue to invest in its own equipment. Constantly update all equipment to provide patients with the best quality of treatment, but you may not know that some equipment is indeed very expensive. However, these devices can make the originally complicated surgical procedure easier, and can also turn the originally impossible task into a successful operation. These investments in equipment may explain why each clinic charges differently!

In the speech!

From the perspective of a consultant, I hope that the clinic you choose is willing to constantly update his equipment, but not for advertising, but sincerely feel that these equipment can bring patients more comfort and improvement during treatment The success rate of surgery. When a clinic invests in unrestricted non-constructive equipment, the final cost may be transferred to the patient.

4. Denture designer

If you have enough time, please allow me to share more information with you. The dentist does not make dentures . After your doctor takes the tooth model for you, it will be sent to a place to make your dentures. Taiwan is commonly known as a laboratory, but for our clinic, he is not a technician, he is a designer.

I can be very proud to say that we have the best designers in the world. It has been almost 20 years since I touched the teeth (1994-now). I have worked with the top designers in Taiwan, the United States and Canada, but he is the most talented and dedicated I have ever seen.

He is not very talkative and very quiet. But his hands expressed everything for him. His pursuit of perfect personality and talent for aesthetics really makes my and your works more impeccable, but like most of the beautiful things in life, he is more expensive, really much more expensive than others. But to me, every penny he charges is worth it!

5. The difficulty of the case

Why is the cost of dental implants different in different clinics? Actually do you know? In the same clinic, the same implant position. Sometimes the charges are different! This is due to the patient's own conditions, which causes the gap in the cost of implantation.

How does your doctor determine the degree of difficulty of the case? In fact, you can roughly tell from the X-ray, once the height and width of the bone are measured. After computer analysis and the physician's clinical experience, the ease or difficulty of the case is clear at a glance. These data provide doctors with some very important information; when the patient's own bones are less, the operation time and difficulty must be higher, and the relative material cost and operation cost will be higher.

Whether the patient’s gum space is sufficient for implant placement, or whether artificial bone powder is needed to make the dental mattress high, are all reasons for the gap in the cost of implantation.

We must remember that if we help the artificial implant to imagine a very expensive screw. This screw is locked on a wooden board. When the board is thicker and wider, the screws that can be inserted can be longer and thicker. When we hang things on this screw in the future, we can be less worried about the screw loosening.

This is a good analogy. The artificial implant is the screw, and the thing hanging on it is your future denture. In some extremely difficult cases, the height and width of the bones are seriously insufficient, and some special and complicated layout operations must be performed before the implantation. These additional but important layout operations, such as fenestration ( Caldwell-Luk procedure) will definitely make your surgery cost higher than the average person.

Under the positive and negative propaganda of the media, various social platforms and even the Internet PTT, what we often hear is only artificial dental implants. But in the consultation with your doctor, you will hear the word psoralen. Because this is a complex question that often needs to be answered in the clinic, we have opened up another chapter to specifically discuss the important process and details of GBR (Bone Powder).

Chapter 10: How should I choose

Suitable for my doctor!

Everything has its quotation. The so-called "quotation" is the price that most consumers think is reasonable over time. Dental implants are no exception. When its price is higher than the market, you can choose a clinic that provides so-called reasonable prices. But if you choose the clinic, the price is lower than the market price. Most of the time, it doesn't mean you are lucky. Returning to our main topic is like buying electronics or cars. All artificial implant costs should be contracted. The most important thing in the contract is the future warranty and maintenance.

All things will need to be repaired. Be sure to discuss the so-called warranty period and the scope of coverage with your doctor before the operation. Don't believe the four words of lifetime warranty, it is impossible to happen. A reasonable warranty is five years, unconditional free repair or redo.

The contract should carefully indicate the materials and artificial implant brands that will be used in the operation. Under any conditions, there is no possibility of additional fees. If so, it must be informed before surgery. Once extra costs and materials are needed during the operation, the clinic should absorb it by itself.

You may be embarrassed to ask your doctor for this warranty, but you don’t need to worry. Most good clinics will automatically provide it to you. Formatting and contracting all the treatment procedures are the areas where I found that dental enhancement after returning to Taiwan, so we should be the first clinic in Taiwan to provide this service.

This contract should be in duplicate, one for you and one for the clinic's records. The warranty for artificial dental implants should be separate from dentures. Because dental implants are implanted first, concubine teeth will be installed in the next four to eight months. This approach allows you to gain extra warranty time.

6. Warranty and Repair

7. Physician's education and background

A long-standing academic and cultural center; University of Toronto, Canada. After hundreds of years of nurturing and evolution, it has left a mature and stable appearance. But what remains unchanged is that she is still one of the world's universities.

Within the mature and stable traditional appearance is the Toronto Dental School. With the world's most innovative training center, only 64 doctors graduate from this institution every year under continuous refinement and elimination.

Artificial dental implants are a big investment for anyone. In terms of cost, there must be a certain amount of physical and psychological payment. Therefore, we will study to determine the most important factor for the success or failure of dental implants , and that is the doctor who performed your surgery.

Your doctor or in the field of dental implants, we call it a surgeon; the most basic threshold is to have a professional license and professional implant training. People who want to implant must be very careful when making a choice, except for the cost of implants In addition to considerations, we must choose medical institutions and physicians carefully.


Most domestic dentists who graduated from China have to pay a lot of tuition and time before they want to learn dental implant technology. For example, Canada and the United States are countries where many doctors choose to learn professional dental implant technology; unless the doctor himself It was trained abroad.

It takes a lot of time and money to train an outstanding surgeon. This is why your doctor may charge differently based on their academic qualifications, background and experience. Therefore, artificial implant surgery is relatively expensive compared to general dentistry. But it explains why the price of an implant can range from 60,000 to 120,000 yuan.

Among all dentistry departments, the technology, concept and material science of implants are the fastest updated. Make sure that your doctor is constantly absorbing the latest information and knowledge. If you can, it will be more secure to choose a doctor with teaching-level or lecture-level status to help you operate.

Any surgery has certain risks. Dental implant itself is a kind of surgery. We mentioned the similarities between dental implants and electronic products in the warranty and maintenance content, but a very different place is that artificial dental implants are not like 3C products. Even if you don't like it, there is no way to replace it, or at least it is very difficult. So when you are making a decision about implantation, use your wisdom and consider various factors to make a decision with the lowest risk. If you want to know more details about how to choose a doctor, please go to Chapter 10.

Chapter 7: Periodontal Disease?

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